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Procur3d Consulting provides a range of bespoke procurement consultancy services. These can start at the very beginning of project through to signing the contracts. 
We provide a 'product based' service whilst working collaboratively with our clients to achieve the desired outcomes.
Below are a selection of the services we provide but we recognise each client has specific needs.
Please get in contact if you wish to have a free consultation to find out more about our products and services.

Informative Interview
Business Meeting
Business Meeting

Free Introductory Consultation

Expert guidance

Strategic Planning Session

Setup your procurements to succeed

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Procurement Advisory Services

Optimise your objectives and outcomes

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Networking Event
Signing a Contract

Procurement Assurance Services

Ensure your procurement is designed to deliver best value.

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Supply Chain Planning and Market Intelligence

Maximise your supply chain's value

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Contract Formation and Requirements Development

Ensure your requirements are robust and collaborative 

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